Inspiring Communication

Empowering connectivity between patients who cannot speak, their families and healthcare professionals

About us

EyeControl is a pioneer of medical technology specializing in innovative communication solutions that address unmet healthcare needs.

We implement disruptive AI technologies that connect people and bridge information gaps,
facilitating better medical care and decision-making.

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EyeControl-Med is a communication solution for healthcare facilities, enabling remote connectivity between patients who cannot speak, medical teams, and loved ones.

As patients transition through phases of awareness and consciousness, the platform’s communication features can be adjusted according to their needs. EyeControl-Med drives improved clinical outcomes via real-time analytics, and is revolutionizing the industry standard for medical communication.

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EyeControl-Home is a comprehensive communication solution for patients transitioning from medical facilities to remote home care and other Locked-in individuals, who cannot speak. It improves quality of life by providing round-the-clock connectivity and freedom of expression.

Our Technology

Comprising an eye-tracking wearable and cloud-based platform that utilize adaptive, ML-based pattern recognition, eye gestures are analyzed and converted to real-time patient communication and actionable clinical data.


FDA listed
CE marked
ISO certified
AMAR registered
HIPAA/GDPR compliant


US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Israel Ministry of Health
UK National Health Service

Our mission

Empowering Communication

We aim to humanize healthcare by providing an industry-standard communication solution for acute care environments.

Our products drive improved clinical outcomes via real-time analytics, by empowering communication between patients, caregivers, and medical teams.

Inspiring Communication

EyeControl was established in 2016 by co-founders, who all have personal connections to Locked-in individuals. Or Retzkin, CEO and Co-founder, joined together with Itai Kornberg, CTO and Co-founder, and Shay Rishoni (1966-2018), Co-founder and ALS patient, on a mission to give the Locked-in community the ability to communicate.

Their journey, addressing the communication needs of those living with ALS, evolved into an innovative ICU communication and monitoring solution.

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