Friends4ALS race

On June 7, 2018, the EyeControl team participated in a race in Ramat Hasharon to raise funds for and awareness of ALS and related NGOs. We set up a stand where we met the community and tested our device. We sat with over 100 participants to train our algorithm and explain the features of the EyeControl! We were successful in raising 5,000 shekels from our friends and family which the company matched and overall donated 10,000 shekels to this worthy cause. 

The race was organized by the NGO Friends4ALS as a joint effort between IsrA.L.S. and Prize4Life. Altogether, almost 500,000 shekels was raised to promote research at a national and international level in order to find a cure and support ALS patients and their families.  
The initiative first launched in 2012 by Shay Rishoni, (EyeFree co-founder), iron man and triathlete, and saw a turnout of 1,000 participants. Six years later, over 2,000 people turned up with their families to support the cause. 

The race features two tracks, a 2 kilometer walk, and a 4.2 kilometer run. Both tracks are wheelchair accessible and allow ALS patients to participate with their loved ones. 

We would like to thank Friends4ALS for organizing this race, involving the community and keeping Shay’s legacy alive.


Gali Wienerman