Communication is Freedom


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EyeControl is a wearable personal communication device that gives a voice to locked-in patients. Using audio feedback and eye gestures, the EyeControl is a standalone portable device that allows for immediate and around-the-clock communication.



How Does It Work?


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A head-mounted infrared camera tracks the eye movements and sends the information to a small processing unit which translates the movements into communication.

The bone conduction component provides audio feedback to the user before the communication is transmitted to the output speaker or connected Bluetooth device, all without the need for a screen.


No Long Calibration


Once the headset is placed correctly, the user can begin communicating immediately. There is no need for a screen or external device.

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Can Be Worn 24/7

EyeControl is a lightweight device that can be operated in a variety of conditions.. It doesn’t interfere with other devices and can be easily turned on and off by the user. The user can sleep with the device and it will be available immediately upon waking.

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Very Short

Learning Curve

“(using EyeControl) was wonderful, the device is genius – it’s very easy to learn and operate it” (M, 58).

In a user trial at a leading hospital in Israel, average user training lasted 20 minutes.

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Communicate Anywhere

Individuals can communicate immediately upon waking, while in the bathroom and even in a car.

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A True Bi-directional

Communication Device

Clear vision – the device does not obstruct the view so you can maintain eye contact while communicating.

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Personalization of Communication

Audio gender and language can be selected – the user may change the gender or language of the audio menu and the external voice.

Patient can use predefined sentences or teach the EyeControl personalized syntax.

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User-centric Device

EyeControl gives individuals more privacy - only they can hear the menu options before sending their communication to the output speaker. They have greater independence, control and can maintain more awareness of surrounding while still having the ability to communicate.