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Quick Tips


Blink three times to call for help


To enter rest mode simply close your eyes for three seconds



You can wear the EyeControl in bed and have the ability to immediately communicate in the middle of the night!




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+ Can the Eyecontrol be used in conjunction with eye glasses and contact lenses?

The EyeControl device may be used in conjunction with standard eye glasses, but reflections on the glass may interfere with eye tracking. Standard contact lenses may be worn. Colored or decorative lenses that change the appearance of the pupil or iris should be avoided as they may make eye tracking impossible.

+ What is eye tracking?

The EyeControl device uses eye tracking techniques to allow patients to easily control the device. An infrared camera that sits at nose-level, as to not obstruct eyesight. This camera follows, or tracks, the movements of the user’s pupil, allowing them to scroll through menu options by looking up, down, left or right and blinking to select.

+ Can I control a screen such as a tablet, PC or mobile phone with the EyeControl device?

If the user wishes to communicate by using a screen, the EyeControl device may be paired with a PC or tablet after downloading the relevant EyeControl application.

+ What languages are programmed into the EyeControl device?

At the moment, both English and Hebrew options exist as languages to control the device, and for the output speaker. As we enter new markets, the user will be able to upload a variety of languages to their device.

+ Does the user need to undergo calibration every day?

There is no calibration necessary to use the device. Once placed correctly, the EyeControl uses artificial technology that allows the device to learn each individual’s gestures, making communicating even more simple and effective.

+ Can the user wear the device while sleeping?

The EyeControl is light-weight and features a comfortable and expandable head band, allowing patients to wear the device 24/7. The user may activate rest mode which turns off audio feedback during sleeping. This means that upon waking, the user may deactivate rest mode for communication options, or may immediately activate a siren in case of emergency.

+ Can the device be used outside or during transportation (in a car etc.)?

The EyeControl device is light-weight and wearable, meaning that it may be used during transportation or during outings. However, we recommend avoiding use of the EyeControl in direct sunlight as it may interfere with the effectiveness of the eye tracking technology.

+ What does bone conduction mean?

The EyeControl device features a bone conducting earpiece. Bone conduction means that sound waves are transmitted through the bones near the ears, eliminating the use for an in-ear earphone which may be uncomfortable for users. When scrolling through the menu, the user will hear audio feedback through the bone conducting earpiece, maintaining privacy as only the user hears these options unless selected to be sent to the output speaker or connected Bluetooth device.