Inspiring Communication

EyeControl gives a voice to locked-in patients



For Your Family

EyeControl enables a meaningful screen-less exchange with your loved one.


For You

EyeControl gives you the power of expression in your daily interactions.


For Your Clinician

EyeControl expands your ability to provide effective professional care to your patient.



Why is EyeControl Revolutionary?


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1-2-3 And You're Connected

The short training means you can communicate almost immediately. No long calibration or steep learning curve.


Use basic features to communicate or more advanced alphabet and application modes to communicate freely and control connected devices.

Lightweight, Portable, and Can Be Worn 24/7

You can use it around the house and even in the car so that you are connected anytime, anywhere.


Visionary co-founder Shay Rishoni was instrumental in developing a solution by patients, for patients.

It’s not easy being an ALS patient, but the most critical struggle is the struggle to communicate. Communication is a life saver.
— Shay Rishoni (1966-2018), EyeControl Co-Founder and former President of Prize4Life