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Empowering connectivity between patients who cannot speak, their families and healthcare professionals



The headset is ergonomically designed for the ICU - lightweight, disposable, adjustable head mount for extended wear. We prioritize patient comfort, and staff ease of use, while minimizing interference with medical equipment.

Gain profound insights through precise infrared tracking of eye movements, blinks, and gaze patterns. Experience calibration-free operation that adapts to any environment.

Infrared Camera



Our earpiece employs advanced bone conduction technology, bypassing the ear canal to provide clear audio communication. Ideal for patients with hearing devices or sensitivities. Enjoy uninterrupted communication without compromise.

Processing Unit

The headset connects to a compact device that processes audio input, monitors eye movements, and converts them into verbal responses for advanced vision analytics in the cloud

Processing Unit

Nurse Station Dashboard

EyeControl Dashboard

EyeControl is a pioneer of medical technology specializing in innovative communication solutions that address unmet healthcare needs.

We implement disruptive AI technologies that connect people and bridge information gaps, facilitating better medical care and decision-making.


EyeControl-Med is a communication solution for healthcare facilities, enabling remote connectivity between patients who cannot speak, medical teams, and loved ones.

As patients transition through phases of awareness and consciousness, the platform’s communication features can be adjusted according to their needs. EyeControl-Med drives improved clinical outcomes via real-time analytics, and is revolutionizing the industry standard for medical communication.


The medical staff informed us that he responded to the messages we sent. He smiled and even shed tears.
Patient’s Son



EyeControl-Home is a comprehensive communication solution for patients transitioning from medical facilities to remote home care and other Locked-in individuals, who cannot speak. It improves quality of life by providing round-the-clock connectivity and freedom of expression.

Our Technology

Comprising an eye-tracking wearable and cloud-based platform that utilize adaptive, ML-based pattern recognition, eye gestures are analyzed and converted to real-time patient communication and actionable clinical data.


This invention is ingenious; it reaches the subconscious of sedated patients and triggers their brains

Patient's Wife


Sedated patients in the ICU are in a state of artificial sleep, not good sleep," Mayo says. "The brain invents all kinds of stories and fables to fill in the gaps, which can lead to nightmares, PTSD and delirium, a state of confusion a patient may experience when waking. They can get into a vicious cycle [of fear] and start tearing out the tubes connected to their bodies – and may even need to be sedated some more.

But when I play familiar sounds to sedated patients – it provides their brains with raw material to fill in the gaps and reduces the bad side effects.


Dr. Ami Mayo [SP], Head of the Intensive care unit (ICU) at the Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital



We are grateful for the support of our partners, whose collaboration drives our innovation forward.

Together, we are making a difference in healthcare

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Multicenter Launch with BIRD Grant

EyeControl is thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking multicenter study, supported by a $900K BIRD Mutual Grant with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Assuta Ashdod, and Beillinson. This binational study will explore the efficacy of the EyeControl platform in reducing ICU delirium. 

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