EyeControl gives a voice to ventilated and locked-in patients

Inspiring Communication

EyeControl is a medical technology company specializing in innovative communication solutions.


We implement advanced AI-technologies to bridge information barriers, facilitating better care and decision-making in healthcare environments.


EyeControl-Med is the first comprehensive communication solution for hospitalized patients, who cannot speak.


Our smart platform and eye-tracking wearable drive improved clinical outcomes via real-time analytics, by empowering communication between patients, their families, and medical teams.


EyeControl–Home enables continued communication for patients transitioning from medical facilities to remote home care, and other Locked-in individuals, who cannot speak.


Our personalized platform and wearable improve quality of life and care by empowering round-the-clock communication between patients, their families, and caregivers without screen calibration or dependency. 

Our devices are CE marked, FDA listed, and ISO certified.


Reimbursement is available through the Israel Ministry of Health, UK National Health Service, and US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.


For more information about our solutions: hello@eyecontrol.co.il