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EyeControl-Med is a communication solution for healthcare facilities, enabling remote connectivity between ventilated patients, medical teams, and loved ones.

Comprising an eye-tracking wearable and cloud-based platform that utilize adaptive, ML-based pattern recognition, eye gestures are analyzed and converted to real-time patient communication and actionable clinical data.


head-mounted infrared camera
head-mounted infrared camera
head-mounted infrared camera
head-mounted infrared camera

A head-mounted infrared camera tracks patient eye gestures in response to audio feedback and transmits them to the processing unit.

adaptive, ML-based pattern recognition
adaptive, ML-based pattern recognition
adaptive, ML-based pattern recognition 2
adaptive, ML-based pattern recognition

Using adaptive, ML-based pattern recognition, eye gestures are converted to patient communication and clinical data.

-party devices including smartphones, tablets
third-party devices including smartphones, tablets 2
third-party devices including smartphones, tablets
third-party devices including smartphones, tablets 4

Communication can also be sent to third-party devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers via Bluetooth.




Medical staff receives notifications on their web-based dashboard, which can also be used to schedule outgoing communication, configurable to patient cognition levels.


EyeControl-Med integrates seamlessly into hospital environments, offering:

  • Customizable interfaces tailored to various patient needs and hospital protocols.

  • Durable design suitable for the rigors of hospital use, ensuring reliability.

  • Easy-to-use interfaces for healthcare providers, simplifying patient interaction and data interpretation.

Medical staff
Medical staff table


Non-Invasive & Safe

Complies with medical standards for safety and hygiene, aligning with ICU protocols and patient care guidelines.

Ease of Use

Intuitive setup and operation ensure a short learning curve, requiring no calibration. This streamlined approach minimizes the need for extensive training or specialized staff, seamlessly integrating into a clinical environment.

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Ease of Use


Name-specific orientation messages, family-recorded greetings, and preferred music are delivered to patients transitioning through phases of awareness and consciousness.


Clinical Integration

Designed to seamlessly integrate into hospital workflows, offering a reliable communication method for critically ill patients.

Clinical Integration

Patient / Family Empowerment 

Empowers patients with a sense of control and connection, crucial for mental well-being and delirium prevention. Provides families with a reassuring connection during their loved one's journey, fostering involvement and peace of mind.

Patient / Family Empowerment

Remote Interaction

Device integrates with family and medical staff digital platforms, allowing real-time communication and connectivity.

Remote Interaction


All families who participated in the survey agreed that they would recommend the device.
Additionally, over 90% expressed their willingness to use it again if the need arises, highlighting its effectiveness and positive impact.

I would recommend the device to other families




Strongly agree


I would be happy to use it again if needed in the future




Strongly agree

Don’t know

This should be offered to every patient in ICU, as part of the standard protocol

Patient's Wife



Personalizing Care with EyeControl:
Connection Through Music



In the high-intensity world of Assuta Ashdod's ICU, where patients in critical condition fight for their lives, a unique intervention using the EyeControl device has shown significant impact on patient morale and recovery.

The patient's response upon hearing his favorite music was immediate and positive. Shortly after he was extubated, he signaled his appreciation and engagement by requesting the nurses to "play my music again," showcasing a moment of upliftment and connection amidst the challenging recovery process. This instance not only highlights the importance of individualized care but also demonstrates how EyeControl can facilitate such personalization, enhancing the patient's emotional and psychological well-being.

The Challenge

The Challange

This case underscores the potential of EyeControl to go beyond traditional communication barriers, offering patients a voice to express their personal needs and preferences, thereby playing a crucial role in their healing journey.

Enhancing Spiritual Connection Through EyeControl During ICU Care


In the challenging environment of Assuta Ashdod Hospital's ICU, where families grapple with the distress of having a loved one critically injured during wartime, EyeControl has emerged as a crucial link between patients and their families. This case study highlights two poignant examples where the EyeControl technology transcended the barriers imposed by critical care and civil unrest, allowing families to maintain their cultural and spiritual bonds with their loved ones.

Spiritual Connection Through EyeControl
Spiritual Connection Through EyeControl Challange

The Challenge

Families were confronted with the harsh reality of limited visitation rights due to stringent infection control protocols. This was particularly agonizing during periods of religious observance. The inability of families to be physically present with their loved ones in the ICU posed a significant emotional and spiritual strain.

Our team is passionate about advancing holistic, human-centered care in critical settings.

If you're interested in how EyeControl can enhance communication and delirium management at your organization, we'd love to connect and share more.

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